Boosted Posts vs. Social Ads

Choosing the type of ad that is best for your business depends on your advertising goals and budget.

Boosted Posts: 

Currently, we offer three plans that include boosted post management. These plans include, Bushwacker (1), Bodacious (4) and El Gran Toro (6). Boosted posts are for Facebook and Instagram only. PLEASE NOTE - your plan comes with management, your budget is not included in the plan. The budget goes directly to the social platform we are running ads on, not us. We ask that if you want to utilize this feature, please provide us a separate budget for each month. 

We suggest budgets start no lower than $25. This low of a budget is good to help us figure out which types of posts tend to perform better and allows us to lock in a strong target audience. From there, we can start to increase the budget. If your budget is around $500 a month, we may begin to suggest social ads. 


Social Ads: 

Currently, our El Gran Toro is the only plan that includes social ad campaign management. Management includes, discussing goals, creating ad copy, images, setting up the ad within our software and continuously making changes to increase the performance of the ad. a campaign means we will create anywhere between 4-6 different ads featuring different product or services you offer to increase the overall reach of our ads. Social ad campaigns are ran only on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. PLEASE NOTE - ad management is what you are paying for, but your budget is not included in the plan. 

We suggest a starting budget no lower than $500, but anything higher than $1,000 tends to yield good results depending on the specific industry. PLEASE NOTE - because of the competitive nature of LinkedIn, we start social ad campaigns budgets at $1,000 as anything lower will yield little to no results.