How Do I Give You My Images?

Transferring your Images to Your Social Media Manager Is Easier Than You Think!

To view the full process after you sign up, click here! Within the process you will receive a welcome email from our administrative assistant! In that email there will be a link to a Dropbox folder where you can upload all your images at anytime! Your Social Media Manager will have access to this folder and will pull those images to create your content. 

Please note - the only way to give you access to our Dropbox is through a file request. This only allows you to upload images. Unfortunately, it does not give you full access to the entire folder. For this reason, if you wish to give us access to your own Dropbox, Google Drive Folder, or any other storage system for images you are more than welcome to coordinate that with your social media manager. 

We understand a lot of clients are already utilizing Google Drive to store their assets. That is fine! We do ask that you share your Google Drive access to every member who is working on your account.