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How to Cancel Your Plan

Need to cancel your plan with us? We are sad to see you go!

How do I cancel my plan?

All billing questions and cancellation requests are emailed to support@tinybull.com. If emailed during our business hours of 8:30a.m-5:00p.m. you should receive a response within the hour. If emailed after our business hours, you will receive a response during the next business day. 

When cancelling we like to reach out and gather more information for internal purposes to help us improve. We may send a survey for you to fill out as well. Of course, this is not a mandatory part of our cancellation process, but we do appreciate any and all feedback. 

Furthermore, we will provide you with your last week and date of posting so we are on the same page. From there, your account will be cancelled and it is up to you to remove us as admins on your pages. We will take care of removing you from our internal systems and documents.