What Do I Do With My Blog Post After I Receive It?

We create your blogs; You publish the blogs.

We offer monthly blogs whether that be 1, 2 or maybe a custom number that you specifically requested. Blog topics vary from client to client and even industry to industry. Common topics include educational pieces, new services/products added to your organization, common trends/updated news within your industry, etc. 

We send topic emails at the end of every month. We ask that you provide us the topics for your blogs during that last week to ensure when the first week of month hits, we are ready to start working on the blog topics for that month. PLEASE NOTE - if topics are provided after the due date/cutoff date we will not be able to provide the blog. It is extremely important that we stick to deadlines. 

Once you receive your blog, you are able to provide edits/feedback just like you would for your weekly content approval. Again, to avoid numerous rounds of edits, we ask that you provide all necessary edits within two rounds. 

After your blog has been approved by you, it is yours! You are able to use it however you wish. PLEASE NOTE - we create blogs for SEO purposes. We highly suggest creating a "Blog" page on your website to post to. What does SEO mean? Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, we repeat key words within the blog in hopes that when potential customers/clients are using search engines, the keywords in your blog will populate and thus give you a higher chance of someone visiting your website. 

To see a few examples of blogs, please visit our website here.