What Is An Advanced Monthly Performance Report?

An Advanced Monthly Performance Report shows you the past month's engagement for each social media platform.

With each plan, you receive a monthly social media report from TinyBull that displays the previous months engagement and performance analytics for each of your social media platforms. The monthly report should be sent to your email on the 1st of every month. 

Our social media managers use these reports along with analytics form our scheduling platform to better understand which strategies worked last month and which strategies need to be tweaked. It is through these reports and your strategy call with your social media manager that we continue to come up with new ways to keep your account fresh! 

PLEASE NOTE - every plan comes with a monthly performance report. In order to gain dashboard access, you must have be a Bushwacker or up. Dashboard access gives you the opportunity to login in at any time and look at your analytics. Our reporting software utilize real-time data so it is always changing and updating. It even provides data from before you signed up for us. so you can compare month to month or even year to year. 


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