What is TikTok Collab and Support/Creative?

We can help you navigate the TikTok world.

TikTok Collab: 

We understand how powerful Tik Tok is and we want to be able to help you navigate the platform. With our Tik Tok Collab services your social media manager will be responsible for providing guidance, advice and tips for your account. This includes trends both video ideas and songs as well as hashtags and good times to post. Essentially, the goal is to provide you the expert opinion for your Tik Tok account. 


Tik Tok Support/Creative: 

With our Support/Creative services, we combine the Collab service and include video editing! PLEASE NOTE - since we are not in-house we do not offer video creation for Tik Tok. You must provide us the video and our team will format it correctly and handle all of the design features it needs in order to be posted. Essentially, we will do everything for you, besides create the actual video. Video length varies and ideas should be brainstormed with your social media manager as it should fall in line with your current social strategy.