My Plan Comes With Boosted Posts/Social Ads, How Do I Get Connected?

In order for us to create boosted posts or social ads for you, we will need admin access to your ad account.

If you have chosen our Bushwacker, Bodacious, El Gran Toro or created a custom package with us, you receive boosted posts and/or social ad management services with us. To get the access we need, we will need your Ad Account ID Number. 

Please watch the video below to locate your ID number, you will want to start by going, 

PLEASE NOTE - you may run into issues if you do not have an ad account. You should see your ID number on the right hand side of the page. If you do not this either means you do not have an ad account or you are looking under the wrong account. Please double check that you are under your business page. If you experience issues with this at any time, please email for help. It may result in needing the login credentials to check for you or potentially a Zoom call to share screens.