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Will My Content End Immediately After I Cancel My Plan?

Content after Cancellation

The decision is up to you! If you wish to halt all content in the middle of your 30-day pay period, we can stop all services, but you will not be issued a refund. Please send any and all cancellation requests to support@tinybull.com. For clients wishing to fulfill their 30-day pay period, as noted in How Soon Will I Receive My Content After I Sign Up? , to make up for the two week set up process, we will ensure you receive a full 30 days worth of content. 

For example, let's say you sign up on December 1st and have your on-boarding call on December 2nd. You can expect your first week of content either Sunday, December 12th or Monday, December 13th. If you decided to cancel, your last week of content is not the day you signed up, but rather the day you first received content. Following our example, if you cancel after the first month, your absolute last day of posting will be no later than January 15th to ensure you received all of the content that you have paid for!